BAM! I mean, Lulu!

Tonight Eric and I are seeing a performance of Frank Wedekind’s Lulu at BAM (the Brooklyn Academy of Music).

For as many years as I’ve lived in Brooklyn, I’ve never been to BAM (BAM!), so I’m pretty excited. I meant to read the play before seeing it performed (since I’ll have to read it for class soon anyway), but I completely forgot we had tickets until last night.

I have pretty high demands of theater performances. I wouldn’t exactly call my dalliances in high school theater or college stage managing any level of expertise, but it’s given me just enough insight into being an actor or director to know when people slog through lines or don’t give it what they could have.

I am hopeful that this will be a really good performance, though, and I’m looking forward to it.

I’m posting now instead of when we get home because I am also hopeful this evening may include some after-dinner drinks and something about “OMG Luluuuuu hehehe, Lulu is my girl! Yeah bitchez!!! BAM! BAM! BAM!” probably doesn’t ring of quality theatrical criticism.

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