Perfect Day, indeed

(Sorry this entry is just popping up now – I saved this as a draft and realized I neglected to post it).

I find myself rushing to finish my father’s shooting gloves, now that I have in my hot little hands some of the most beautiful sock yarn I’ve ever seen.

Do you think I can crank out a pair of socks for him, too?

The yarn is from Perfect Day Yarns, a wonderful indie dyer I discovered on Ravelry. I’ve never purchased from an indie dyer before, sticking usually to WEBS and the Loopy Ewe for sock yarn.

Everything about this transaction was a pleasure. The site was easy to navigate, and the descriptions were clear and charming. Each yarn has a story, and I found them really entertaining to read. I especially love those named from poems and literary sources – it really speaks to my inner lit nerd.

I ordered one skein of Free Verse, in the Jungle colorway, which is a wonderfully manly wool/nylon 3-ply. Unlike most “masculine” sock yarns I’ve seen though, the colors are richly saturated and not at all muddy. There are highlights of vibrant greens that are evocative of the real lushness of a jungle. It is a spectacular array of shades and tonal variations along a subtle spectrum, and I cannot wait to knit it up.

If I don’t make these in time for Christmas (and let’s be honest, I probably won’t), I’m sure I’ll find another occasion to make this delicious yarn into socks for my father.

The second yarn I got is just pure fun, a superwash 100% merino 2-ply called Beat Sock in the color Xanadu.

Though I originally thought of Olivia Newton-John and roller skates, I loved the actual inspiration much more:

This beautiful colorway is inspired by Coleridge’s Kubla Kahn or, A Vision in a Dream, A Fragment, surely colors from a vision in a dream.
Blues mix with golden orange and purples.

Once again, the color is intense and lovely, and feel like this is going to become one of my favorite pairs of socks.

I had a feeling I would be ordering from Perfect Day Yarns again, so I got a skein of both of my favorite yarns to compare. The Beat Sock yarn is slightly thinner and seems a bit more tightly spun than the Free Verse. In contrast, the Free Verse is a little squishier, with a texture very similar to Dream in Color Smooshy. Naturally, I love both and couldn’t possibly pick a favorite.

The shipping was lightning-fast and included a highlighted note asking the mailman not to leave the package unattended outside my apartment (at my request – packages notoriously go missing in my building). The yarn was carefully packed with a sweet hand-written note.

I really couldn’t be happier, and even though it may create more competition for me the next time I go to buy these gorgeous yarns, I thought I should share.

Now, back to my regularly scheduled Christmas rush!

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