A Knitted Gnome

When I was at my parents’ house this weekend, my mom had a little pile of yarns on a desk in my old bedroom. They included purple and green tweed, gray mohair, and tan wool.

I thought they were great looking, so I asked if I could have them. Having already given me all her needles a year ago, my mother said sure, that’s why she put the yarn in my room.

“There’s a pattern there, too,” she said, and I ran back upstairs to see this adorable leaflet from 1987, Instructions for Making a Knitted Gnome by Darian Dragge. Suddenly I remembered my mother making gnome dolls years ago, and in that instant I positively needed to knit a gnome myself.

The kit indicated “all natural materials” and included a cute story about gnomes with instructions to make a 10″ stuffed doll. It’s really straightforward and easy, and in no time at all, I’d whipped up gnome pants and the beginning of a gnome face.

My plan is to knit all the pieces, then weigh the green bits to determine if I have enough of the purple tweed to make an entirely purple gnome.

I’m pretty excited about this project, as I’ve never knit a doll or toy before and these gnomes are spectacularly cute. If this works out as well as I hope, I see several more gnomes in my future. Heee!

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  1. Hi,
    Love your site.
    I’m looking for any info on the Darian Dragge “my real doll” which is sewn.
    ANY help would be appreciated.

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