I’ve got this thing for green…

I have jokingly said before that this blog could more accurately be called “Vickilicious Knits Green Socks,” and umm, I’m doing little to change that fact.

These are Brigit socks (Ravelry link) by the late Gigi Silva, aka Momma Monkey. I’m going to rearrange the motifs to be centered on the foot.

Because I’m a little worn out on cabling, though, I also cast on Eleanor socks (Ravelry link), also by Gigi Silva, in Dream in Color Smooshy, Good Luck Jade.

This yarn is absolutely heavenly, and the subtle modulations in color are fantastic.

I’m knitting them toe-up, and I’m planning to make the eyelets mirror images of one another on each foot. I have a feeling these are going to become very well loved socks.

But wait! I don’t just knit green socks!

Heh, I knit green tops too.

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