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Lately I have been all about the KALs and fun projects: Sockdowns, Sexy Knitters Club, Knitting 19th Century Novels, Summer of Socks… and then for my own diversions, scarves, design projects, and lots of frivolity.

While these are a great time and I really enjoy the process, I’m not sure that what I’m producing is as, well, practical, as it could be. I should say that I don’t think knitting has to be practical, nor that it should. However, I have some goals that I set for myself this year, and to this end, I’m not reaching them.

For example, I want to seriously reduce my stash. We’re going to be moving at the end of the summer, and my mother has offered to refinish a gorgeous glass-doored secretary desk that I want to use for yarn, needle, and pattern storage. Unfortunately at this point, my stash couldn’t possibly fit, and it’s more than a little unwieldy.

I decided that primarily I want to knit up the acrylic portion of my stash, and I have made some progress with that, but really nowhere near enough. If all I’m casting on lately are luxurious socks and little lacy items, I’m never going to get to those big hunks of Caron One Pound lurking in a suitcase.

The other thing is that my wardrobe is in serious need of certain basic items. I know that I could just buy them and spend all my knitting time on other projects, but part of why I started knitting is so that I could make exactly what I want, the way I want it, to my measurements.

So from this point onward, I am trying to be realistic and casting on sensible projects as much as I can. They’re not going to be boring and utilitarian – rather, still fun and exciting – but they’re going to use up my stash, fill gaps in my wardrobe, and be worn more than once.

I’m going to continue with the KALs I have in progress, but I’m going to try for more practical, wearable knits within these contexts.

Phew. I guess I just had to put that out there for myself.

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