Summer of Socks? Yes please!

A few years ago my mother and I were talking about how we each have rather embarrassingly large shoe collections. Neither of us go shopping very often (since I started grad school, I’d amend this to hardly ever), and we’re not big fashionistas in any appreciable sense of the word. But we both just have this thing for shoes. Shoes of all shapes and styles, multiple colors of the same model, closets full of shoes.

We reasoned that shoes always make us feel good because our feet don’t change sizes if we’re stressed or retaining water. Our feet don’t bulge or gap buttons if we’re wearing the wrong undergarments. And our feet are (if I dare say so myself) rather attractive.

It follows, then, that my love of shoes should also be reflected in the recent emphasis (obsession?) I’ve placed on sock-knitting. I do have a huge amount of sweaters, blouses, and other projects in my queue, which I do plan to continue, but I am consistently, thoroughly satisfied by sock-knitting, and it tends to feel like the perfect project, all the time.

When I came across mentions of the Summer of Socks over at Zarzuela Knits and Crochets, of course I had to sign up.

I know I am going to knit at least a pair of socks every month for my personal goals and Sock Knitters Anonymous Sockdowns. I also have some sock projects planned for other KALs which I hope to cast on soon.

And while I neglected to take any knitting with me to Italy last summer (what was I thinking?!), socks are portable enough that I’m sure I can bring them on my travels this year. Summer of socks, here we go!

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