A Touch of Yellow

As much as I don’t want to acknowledge that summer will ever end, I’ve become increasingly aware of the chill in the air. In my memory, summer stretches through September and well up to my birthday (November 1), but in reality, I know that fall is coming sooner than I think.

I put aside my plan to make the Upstairs Wrap for this October wedding. I still plan to make it, since I absolutely adore the way it’s coming out, but I think it will be too airy, light, and summery for a proper fall wrap.

Instead I’ve started a pair of wool knee socks, in a delightful warm yellow (Knit Picks Palette, in Semolina). I really don’t like knitting socks from the top down, but I’m glad I’m following the pattern as written on these.

I guess they are my way of stretching a bit of summer into the fall.

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