Sock Happy

I was perusing my hand knit sock drawer (yes, I finally have a drawer devoted to hand knit socks, and no it’s not a very large drawer, but still, it exists), and I realized I had five pairs I haven’t photographed yet, some dating to over a year ago (though two from last month, which, yknow, woohoo).

That also means I have five pairs I haven’t been wearing, because I wanted them to be clean and new for their debut photographs… which is quite silly of me.

Today we finally had proper sunshine, not the little peeks here and there that have been passing for daylight the past few weeks, and I took advantage of the opportunity for some sock photography. I’ll try to post a pair a day (or so) as I get the chance to write about them.

But you can bet I will be wearing them immediately.

Hooray socks!

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