I’m back

I have a huge amount of life events that have gone on since the last post in this blog, and it took me significantly longer than I thought it would to get around to fixing this site. Ditto with my personal blog, which I only just got back up and running yesterday. I doubt that what you see right now will be the final look of this blog, as I know I have a number of tweaks and adjustments to make, but I am aiming for something generally simpler, cleaner, and easier to maintain.

I do have a lengthy catch-up post planned if you are interested in where I’ve been all this time and what I’ve been doing. Some of the bigger events:

  • I finished both master’s theses and completed my MFA/MS degree (finally!!!)
  • I started a second bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (long story – I’ll explain soon)
  • I went on an amazing trip to Iceland with my mother
  • I spent the rest of the summer in New Jersey
  • I’ve moved out of my parents’ house and back to NYC!

Of course, I have a fairly impressive pile of FOs to show you, as well as new projects in the works, photo essays I’ve got planned, and a number of other knitterly things.

My knitting projects and stash are still in New Jersey, but they should be joining me soon enough, and with the seductive scent of fall in the air, I think it’s the perfect time to get back into knitting and blogging. I look forward to starting anew!

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