Quelle horreur!

Have you ever done something appallingly stupid, and you stop yourself to say, “What was I thinking?!”

Then have you ever continued to do exactly what you were doing, only to get the same results?

Yeah, I was perhaps overly aggressive in my attempts to stretch the bind-off of this sweater while blocking. “It’s wool and silk,” I figured, “that should totally stretch!” Ha. Hahaha.

The first time I snapped the thread, I thought it was a fluke. Easily fixable, though, I’d just sew the bind-off in that spot, good as new. But then I continued tugging at the bind-off (why, Vicki, whyyyyy???) and snapped it on the collar as well.

There is a lot of careful mending in my future, shoot.

4 thoughts on “Quelle horreur!

  1. OMG – I totally feel your pain. The closest I came to this was knitting an entire sweater jacket this past year and went to felt it. I had previously felted a bag with the same yarn and it turned out great. I have a front-load washing machine and didn’t see the trouble until the cycle was done. I now have a compact jacket even a 3-year old couldn’t get into. I wanted the jacket so bad I went back and re-purchased more yarn, but this time in an entirely different color that I would love instead of being reminded that it was a do-over.

    I was also looking at all your gorgeous socks and wondered if you would share the converted pattern for the Fern socks that you translated into English.

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