Pre-FO: Seeking Closure

So I knit the Diminishing Rib Cardigan quite some time ago. As in, I bound off last summer (August 10, to be further precise). But I haven’t really been able to decide how I wanted it to close, and I had this nagging feeling that it was a bit too big for me.

I did what I usually did: folded it up neatly in a pile in my closet and forgot all about it.

This weekend, my laundry situation got drastic to the point where I was eyeing up pajamas and wondering if I could layer them somehow to cover up the sleepy moons. I rummaged through the top of my closet and – oh happy day! – I found my cardigan!

As you can see, I wore it this weekend, to a Colin Hay concert with my mom (which was amazing!!!). As you can’t see, it still doesn’t have a closure. It is definitely too big to stay up on its own merits without looking saggy and misshapen. I asked my mom’s objective advice (before letting her know that if I didn’t like it, it would probably become hers), and she felt that fastening it at the waist (as I’d originally planned, many moons ago) would give it the right silhouette and take in the baggy areas under the arms that were displeasing me so.

Predictably, I already bought sets of hooks and eyes (and maybe even matching thread?) to create a nearly invisible waist closure. Also predictably, the thought of having to line things up and sew them on perfectly fills me with such drudgery that I may just wash this sweater and return it to the neat pile in my closet.

But… that color is so lovely, and I remember how badly I wanted this cardigan. I really ought to take the time to give it its proper closure. Soon, I hope.

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