Hello from your recalcitrant knit-blogging friend

I haven’t been posting here as much as I intended, relying instead on Ravelry project notes or longer Instagram captions to keep track of basic details… and it’s mostly fine, but it doesn’t really allow for any kind of in-depth discussion, planning, sharing inspiration, exploration of thoughts that aren’t directly related to a project photo, and generally the kinds of things that sparked my interest in knit-blogging in the first place. Periodically, I make plans to catch up with all the projects I haven’t written about (there really are quite a lot) and all my resolve evaporates when all that life stuff gets in the way.

Loose pile of multicolored sock yarn that has been frogged.

So I keep wondering about the best approach. I recently made a tally of all the knitting projects I have completed, but not photographed or fully shared here or elsewhere and discovered I have a backlog of at least:

  • 10 hat/glove/mitt type accessories
  • 1 yoga mat bag
  • 8 scarves/wraps/cowls
  • 11 sweaters/shrugs
  • 29 pairs of socks

(Yes, there is a spreadsheet involved.)

The upshot, strictly in terms of knit-blogging, is that the vast majority of my WIPs have been in storage since the end of 2018, so I’ve given myself a pass to continue not discussing them until they come back out of hibernation and I resume working on them. But I have managed to amass quite a pile of new projects in the meantime, in various stages of completion, along with the ever-growing box of monthly socks. And my goodness, there are non-knitting craft projects too!

I hope you will bear with me as I work on catching myself back up, here and everywhere else. I might do a somewhat regular FO-Friday / WIP-Wednesday style of posting for a little bit, or figure out a rhythm to documenting the older projects while writing about the new ones more regularly. I know I said I was going to start doing all this a year ago, but I think we can all agree that time and reality worked very differently in 2020. So let’s see how it goes this time!

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