Once I decided to put my Entrelac Socks aside, I eagerly picked up my Spring Twists socks.

I truly love working with this yarn, as it is so spectacularly luscious and agreeable.

The only trouble is, I really don’t like how it looks in this pattern. Something about the vague striping of the variegation or the way the traveling stitches dissipate in softness… it just isn’t working the way I’d hoped.

So I decided to try a different yarn, a 100% mercerized cotton which is not actually intended for sock-knitting. This is Jager Siena 4-ply, and I think it’s going to work perfectly.

The tight twist of the firmer yarn makes the traveling stitches and ribbing pop more, and the solid color proves much less distracting. Which is to say nothing of how head over heels in love I am with this slightly shiny sage green.

I’m feeling a lot better and looking forward to how these socks turn out.

Kind of a hat…

Have you seen Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka the Yarn Harlot)’s An Unoriginal Hat pattern? It’s so cute and looked like a fun, instant gratification knit.

I ordered a skein of Bernat Softee Chunky in the color Nature’s Way, and I’ve been trying to think of why I love the color of this yarn so much. I don’t think its resemblance to some of my favorite pajamas is coincidental.

The pattern is fabulous and it was great fun to knit. Interesting cabling, but enough stretches of easy knit and purl that it was relaxing while watching TV with my mother. I started the hat late Wednesday evening on size 10.5 DPNs (adding 4 rows of 2×2 ribbing at the bottom), and it was finished on Thanksgiving afternoon. Fast, easy, and a blast.

Trouble is, it just doesn’t fit my head. Whoops.

I don’t think I have an exceptionally large head, but I used slightly smaller than the called-for needles, I didn’t check gauge, and I ignored my misgivings when trying it on.

Unless I find a child who might like this hat, I think I’m going to frog it and use the yarn to make a zig-zag pattern similar to a hat worn by Jennifer Love Hewitt on Ghost Whisperer this evening (episode 309 “All Ghosts Lead to Grandview” – if anyone has a photo I’d really appreciate it).

I think that will take advantage of the stripes that form in this yarn and look quite cute. But you can bet I’m checking gauge this time!

Slightly Better Colors & Imminent Frogging

This storm has made sufficient lighting near impossible this weekend, but I think I’ve managed to get a little closer to the colors of my Lippitt halter and Cable-Down Raglan yarns.

Spruce and cream, nice.

As for the Cable-Down Raglan, I think that a frogging is imminent. I knit the first few rows and made a mess of the increases.

I read that some of the errata deal with the increases, so it will probably be sorted out then. It’s kind of a shame because I rather like the way the knitting looks when it’s done right.

I am still a bit confused about the way the increases are worked on the sleeves, though. (As with all my photos, click to enlarge).

The pattern has the increases done just before the diamond chart begins. This makes sense on the left sleeve, as it makes room for the X-shaped cables which are more toward the sweater front on that side.

However, the right sleeve is starting to baffle me, and I’m not sure how the increases could be done in that place without skewing the design and making the sleeves asymmetrical. Am I thinking too much about this?

I feel like maybe it should be more like this:

Of course, I am no knitwear designer, and I’m still mystified by how it says 8 stitches are increased when I count 9.

I look forward to figuring this all out.