Could it possibly be… I’m sewing on buttons??

For as much as I love knitting (and wow, yeah, I do really love knitting), I sure hate finishing. I don’t mean “finishing” in the sense of completing a project (because that part is splendid) but the fiddly little tasks that stand in the way between binding off and having a garment, namely blocking, seaming, and perhaps most loathed of all, sewing on buttons or closures.

This isn’t a new topic – I have an embarrassing amount of projects that are completely knit, blocked, ends woven in, and ready to wear, save for, say, a hook and eye closure, or in an instance I haven’t mentioned, threading a ribbon through casings and tying a bow. Geez, that’s embarrassing to admit.

When the inspiration struck to finally sew buttons on a cropped cardigan that has (I must sheepishly admit) been living next to my sofa since I washed and blocked it months ago, I ran with it. The whole time, I wondered why I had put it off so long, seeing as it wasn’t exactly my favorite task in the world, but it was certainly far from the drudgery I’d worked it up to be in my mind.

Smokey, of course, has other thoughts about sewing on buttons. What is it with cats??

As I updated my Ravelry project page, I saw that it had been exactly a year to the day since I’d put this sweater aside with the intention to shrink it up a bit before weaving in the ends and sewing on the buttons. Let’s hope that I can now start wearing it and get it properly photographed before another year passes!

Look Ma, Seams!

Today was a huge day for me as a knitter.

I hunkered down with The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman and resolved not to stand up until I had set in the sleeves for my Bella Paquita.

I stared at the diagrams and read the text over and over until I understood the weaving stitch (which I gather is the same as mattress stitch?).

I did everything she told me to: I pressed the pieces, I worked on a flat surface, I carefully pinned it together…

And it worked!!!

I finally, properly LEARNED HOW TO SEAM!

My seams are nowhere near perfect, but they’re also not the glaringly awful results I got with my previous haphazard stabby sutures technique. As in, I would wear these sleeves in public.

I have only a few more days to finish this sweater for the knitalong, but I am just thrilled to have overcome what has thus far been my greatest knitting obstacle!

The Finish Line

I finished knitting my grandmother’s Sun Ray Shawl!

It is blocking this very moment, and I will have it dry and packaged to come with me to Hawaii on Monday.

I thought the picot bind-off would kill me, but I did it. This is the largest project I’ve ever undertaken, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out after blocking.

Finishing woes

I was foolish in choosing the Tilted Duster for NaKniSweMo, considering it cannot be even halfway completed until I do major amounts of seaming. I chose it knowing this, hoping this would be the sweater that broke me of my seam phobia, and yet, I remain paralyzed.

I’ve knit the back, both fronts, and both sleeves, and now I am at the point where I just cannot avoid sewing. I tried one seam with embroidery floss, which worked out better than any seam I’ve ever made… but it was only a few inches long and I’m still terrified of the rest.

The trouble is, this is a pattern with me. I get caught up on some small detail and let it hold a project up indefinitely. To wit:

Things I Am Avoiding Like the Plague:

  • sewing buttons on the baby cardigan (which has been otherwise finished since August)
  • threading a ribbon through my finished Tempting
  • undoing two bind-offs and sewing down facings on the Summertime Tunic, then threading ribbon
  • sewing the body of the Tilted Duster so I can pick up the skirt and finish the silly thing

For good measure, I’m also wearing my winter coat open because I am avoiding sewing two buttons back on it.

I realize that if I committed just an hour or two to finishing, I could have quite a few FO’s and a functional winter coat. Yet here I am obsessing over hats. And socks.

Must sew. No matter what, I must get over my fear of sewing.