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Those funny cats videos I love so dearly are getting a run for their money with these two photos from Cute Overload.

(By the way, the reason I even started looking at Cute Overload lately is because Eric has it bookmarked and frequently shows me things when they pop up on his RSS feed. He claims it came linked with the browser but umm... I dunno, the boy gets too much joy for it to have been accidental.)

I have made a new folder in my bookmarks titled "Best Things on the Internet." I plan to fill it sparingly, but these two go straight in.

First, a guinea pig dressed as a bee for Halloween. The title: "Don't step on the guinbee pig" Hehehe.

Second, look, Smokey got himself a pet guinea pig. Okay so it's not Smokey, but this kitty definitely subscribes to his "we're all grey, let's be pals" philosophy. Smokey's vet independently concluded that if Smokey ran into a mouse he'd be like "Hey, you're grey, you must be cool" and he'd befriend it. My cat is such a lovey.

I think my subconscious is telling me to get a guinea pig...

Heh. Peeeeeeeggg!!!!!

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