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Yes, I know, makeup. How droll. I have to go see family though, so yeah, it's on my mind.

I struggle with makeup, like, a lot. It's either caked on so thick that it's smearing off my face or it's so light that it doesn't cover anything. Most of the time, I try not to wear any since I am so unlikely to get it right that it's literally not worth the effort.

But then these occasions arise where I really wish I could do my makeup well, say when I'm giving a presentation (left) or I'm going to a wedding (right), and then I find myself still utterly incapable of it. (In my defense I hadn't slept (left) and was dancing up a storm (right).)

Other examples include:

And I really thought I looked okay in those. Yikes.

Periodically I decide that it's the foundation I'm using. Maybe it's the color or the formula. I go on some spree where I buy something else, convinced it's the perfect solution, and of course, it never is.

Then I decided hmm... maybe it was my application technique. I read Amalah's Foundation Tutorial. Aha! It made so much sense!

I am a painter, right? Surely I can understand developing the proper ground, then applying makeup with a foundation brush! I was stoked.

It... didn't exactly work.

(Poor John, I'm sorry to include you in this train wreck).

Perhaps it was because I was doing my makeup in the car while Eric drove. Maybe it's still the wrong color and formula.

All I know is that by the time I got done working myself over with that foundation brush, I didn't look like a person anymore and had to literally scrape bunches of it off to try to restore some semblance of living and breathing flesh to my exterior appearance.

I tried it several other times with several other foundations and really, I just don't think that liquid foundation and I are meant to be together. Maybe it's specifically because I'm a painter, and I forget that one's face is not meant to have impressionistic effects and innovative brushwork. I'd think I looked great for about twenty minutes, and then as soon as I got where I was supposed to be, I would become some greasy streaky wrongly colored and poorly blended disaster. And if I wanted to be that, I would have just gone without makeup, you know?

So, one day I was mixing dry pigments in my studio and thinking how much easier makeup would be if it were just done with dry powders.

Enter that week's Wednesday Advice Smackdown (yes I really am a bit of an Amalah addict) where someone once again asked about Bare Escentuals. I had never really bought into this idea of powdery mineral foundation, and I would have just skimmed, had I not recently had the experience with painting pigments covering my skin so beautifully and completely (and yet remain far too toxic to use as makeup).

I had decided what the heck, I'd give it a try... except wow, that BE stuff is really expensive! I wasn't about to plunk down student loan money on something that may or may not actually work.

A contributor posted a link to Everyday Minerals, which seems to be a very similar product to Bare Escentuals, less the annoying name and at a fraction of the price (like, on par with drugstore foundation). Best of all, they have a very generous free sample offer, where you can select three different color and formula foundations, a blush, and a concealer. The shipping was like $3, so I figured it was totally worth it.

And oh my goodness. This stuff is magic!

It covers amazingly, fixes all my imperfections, and yet I don't look like I'm wearing makeup. I just look like I have flawless skin. This is what makeup is supposed to do!

It's easy to apply, easy to blend, and it stays on all day. Most of all, it doesn't irritate my skin, and supposedly, should I forget to wash my face at the end of the day, it's no big deal because this stuff is like, pure, and not laden with chemicals and irritants. With most other foundations, I start breaking out within a few hours of applying it, yet I can wear this stuff all day with no problems.


Even better, they have a whole line of products including eye shadow and lip color, which if they prove to be anywhere near as wonderful as their foundation, will solve all my makeup problems. Woohoo!!!

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