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My school moved to an online registration system, and as such had all these mandatory department and advisement meetings to teach students to use it. All that notwithstanding, it was relatively painless and I did most of it yesterday, then got my adviser to override the system to finish it today.

I'm psyched about my schedule for next semester, as I'm hoping that I will finally, finally have enough time to concentrate on painting. This is key, as I have to finish my painting thesis next semester, so for once, yeah, it really does have to become my priority.

Here t'is:

Monday - 2-4:50 - Contemporary Ideas in Literature
- 5-6:50 - Thesis Statement
Tuesday - 9:30-12:20 - Painting Seminar
- 2-4:50 - Thesis
Wednesday - 6-8:50 - Materials, Techniques & Conservation (taught at the Brooklyn Museum - woohoo)

Now if you see me accepting any assistantships, internships, activities, or anything on Thursdays or Fridays, please do me the favor of a swift kick to the head, mmmkay?

Every semester I seem to take one class too many or take on one too many demands that I feel over-extended and painting suffers. I had deep concerns that I may do that with the literature class (liberal arts requirement) or Materials & Techniques (art history requirement only offered in the spring), but I need to mentally keep my priorities straight and focus, focus, focus.

In thesis class today, my professor asked me, all concerned, how things were going with my painting. I felt like I was telling the truth when I said well, and that I'm actually very happy with my work (because it feels so much more sincere than a lot of what I'd been doing), but at the same time I'm glad my next critique isn't until the last week of the semester.

The reason I can't just focus every single moment of free time into painting? One massive art history research paper, one art history cataloging project, one art history critical bibliography, too many incredibly frustrating and time-consuming bookmaking projects, and an endless procession of reading, small assignments, and exams. And learning French well enough to fumble through an exam on December 5th so I'll be allowed to register for my art history thesis without major trauma.

And when I'm done with all that, grading midterms and papers, scanning slides, maintaining a website, and doing random projects like this past Friday, wherein I spent my whole day "helping out with a few things" in Power Point & teaching digital imaging to two professors.

Every time I think "I'll go spend the afternoon painting," I remember something else due the next day, and it's a lot easier to rationalize blowing off painting if I'm facing sitting three hours through class having not done the reading, or not having an assignment done to hand in.

I realize, though, that it's just as evident when a student hasn't been painting enough, and I have already started to sweat thesis previews in January (where they come to studios and check if you're allowed to have a show and graduate). I have a suspicion I will become a very busy bee over winter break.

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