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As I've previously mentioned, I'm having some storage issues on my computer. It has an 80 gig hard drive, and until recently I had less than 1 gig of free space, which is quite worrying.

I thought the issue was having gotten a digital SLR, and indeed, I do have gigs and gigs of cat photos (which I'm moving to an external hard drive because God, I just can't delete their sweet little faces).

However, I also have upwards of 40 gigs of music, easily half of which is most likely crap.

Example: I can confidently say my life will not be negatively impacted should I NEVER hear Aqua's "Barbie Girl" ever again. And even though that Afroman song was funny back in the day ("Because I got high, because I got high, la di da da da da..."), I don't think I really need the whole album.

I have a terrible tendency to download ridiculous songs late at night, often while intoxicated, and right now I am experiencing the morning after effect of way too many bad decisions as I sort through my iTunes to purge.

So how about you? Any particularly embarrassing tunes popping up on your playlist?

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