Spectacular graffiti

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I am developing an increasing interest in street and public art lately, but I've never thought much of name tags. I mean, anyone can appreciate the artistry and scope of elaborate paintings or wheat pastes, but what's so impressive about quickly spraying your name or initials somewhere?

Eric explained once the importance of stating one's presence in one's place and claiming ownership of public spaces as part of one's existence, and I followed all of that in a poetic, phenomenological way... but in my old neighborhood someone sprayed "DOTS" on every single surface imaginable, to the point where it didn't carry any meaning at all and rang more of someone afflicted with a compulsion to mark every surface.

Finally, though, someone's tag captured my fancy with its sheer scope and helped me recognize it as true art:

Momo tags the width of Manhattan.

It is such a great project because it's subtle and private, yet monumental. These thin little lines spread unobtrusively over our grid emblazon the whole city with his name.

The video is hilarious as well, which always wins points with me.

Be sure to check out the Press Kit, which includes some very smart commentary and this charming graph:


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