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My paper is done, and it is printing right now. (Wheee!!!!)

Quality... is uncertain. I can't actually see clearly enough to read anymore, but I may have pulled a few decent passages out of it. If I could get an A on a midterm where I mistook smoking implements for chicken bones and wrote a whole essay about it, odds are good she's willing to forgive a little hair-brained commentary here and there.

What kills me is that I know if I had spent more time on it and actually done it the way I planned, this could have been an awesome paper. Live and learn.

I also dropped work off for an MFA show yesterday. I didn't realize that I would have to hang it at the same time, and I expect by now it's most likely fallen off the walls and damaged something or someone in the process. Supposedly there is an opening tonight, but I don't know enough information to post an invite (will do that later maybe).

I learned how to make a case binding yesterday, very much against my will. It is pathetic what joy those crisp linen edges give me, and all the bookmaking plans I've started to devise. Turns out I like it after all.

This morning, I have to head into Manhattan to meet with a Dutch art dealer who is himself German. It's an interesting trick arranging a field trip the morning our big research paper is due, and I wondered if the logic was purposeful or not. I am curious to see who all shows up and in what stages of rest / cleanliness they may do so.

Or maybe it's just me, who still pulls this last-minute all-night crap in grad school?

Either way, that's got to change, if not for my sanity then for the world's supply of Ginger Newman-O's, which I severely depleted last night.

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