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Eric is home from Singapore & Hong Kong! He had a really great trip, and the cats and I are ecstatic to have him back.

In his absence, Iggy investigated many things. He is such a good investigator that Eric suggested he may start a business, called Little Guy Investigative Services. I'd like to think he'd use this image on his website or calling card.

Smokey thought that perhaps leaning against the exercise mat and bike would help him lose a little weight. No such luck.

We tried out this whole "putting the cats on a diet" thing.

Smokey spent the majority of his time as in this photo, somewhat deranged with hunger, standing in front of his empty food bowl, staring up at me plaintively.

Ironically, when Eric returned, he said Iggy looked thinner and in better shape. He christened Smokey with the new name "Fei Jai," which means "fat boy" in Chinese. He swears it's affectionate, as there is always a Fei Jai as part of the group in Hong Kong action movies but umm, I worry for my kitty's self esteem.

It occurs to me that when one is trying to lose weight, preparing herself a big batch of chocolate ganache covered brownies is perhaps not the wisest course of action. Fortunately, Eric was all too happy to assist me in licking the bowl.

Today my parents are coming up to celebrate my birthday. We're going to see Annie Leibovitz at theBrooklyn Museum and then I think Cono & Sons Italian & seafood in Williamsburg. I'm psyched!

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