The long and winding road

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This morning I am heading back to New Jersey with my parents and my cousin, plus one dachshund. Once I get there, it's on to a train to Penn Station, followed by 2 or 3 subways to Brooklyn, depending on what's running.

With my suitcase, filled with research books, weighing approximately forty six thousand pounds (give or take).

Based on the time of day I'll be going, I can more or less expect to be standing the whole way.


When I was young, my mother used to advise every child she knew to study physics long and hard, in hopes that by this point in her life, we would have perfected teleportation.

Too bad I went into art instead.

I am determined this year, however, to not let all the rushing and locomotion (in every sense of loco) undo all the relaxation and family good vibes I've accumulated this weekend. Let's hope the other couple million drivers and New Yorkers I'll encounter have resolved likewise.

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