Time of the season

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This time of year, it always happens.

I get into a strange, inexplicable, angry little funk. I withdraw from friends and family, I couldn't care less about my school work or personal projects, and I spend a while hiding from the world around me.

I used to think it was related to my birthday or phases of the semester (looming due dates and so on) or God knows what, but I'm suspecting now that it's really just something that happens with the season. Like temperature shifts, phases of the moon, miscellaneous energy levels in the atmosphere.

A solstice of the heart and mind.

Usually, this one is short-lived, so that's good. I don't really have time to mope.

It also occurred to me, with no small amount of self-loathing, that I don't write poetry anymore because when I have stupid or random thoughts, I blurt them out and confuse Eric instead of investing time in thinking them through. Perhaps that's for the best, but I miss writing, a lot. I miss the heightened sense of feeling and dissecting one's interior life that came with it.

This time of year used to be a very prolific one for writing.

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