Voter intimidation

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Last night my professor mentioned an NPR segment she'd heard regarding phone calls from people alleging to be members of the Virginia Board of Elections threatening and intimidating Virginia voters.

A little research turned up these articles among others, and I am genuinely shocked.

Whatever I may think of either party, to treat voters in this way, to deliberately mislead and dissuade them from their civic right to vote, is to debase the entire system upon which our corrupt little democracy is built.

Can you even imagine how it must have felt to get a phone call saying if you showed up to the poll or attempted to vote, you'd be arrested?

I'm just truly sickened and frustrated beyond belief that there are people in this nation who believe this is a more effective method of achieving victory than, say, backing a solid candidate and focusing on the issues.

But then, if the revolting slew of campaign ads have taught me anything, it's that the few things that don'tmatter about politicians are their voting records and belief platforms. Why would we care about silly things like that when daunting voice-over actors tell us who's scary and who's upstanding?

I'm so tired of people treating Americans like they're idiots, and I'm even more tired of Americans internalizing that idiocy with complacency

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