What I'll be doing this weekend

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I know it's not entertaining to post to-do lists on one's blog, and yet... what I have to do is pretty much all that's on my mind of late.

You may amuse yourself with relief that you are not in grad school, nor a chronic procrastinator who puts herself into this situation and suffers through it each semester.

Here goes.

Things I Have to Do By Monday:

  • put together and write a huge research paper on a series of Rembrandt paintings for my Northern Baroque class which is due the Tuesday I get back. My professor glibly said "I thought you guys could spend your vacation working on them," and I was filled with such intense rage that I couldn't breathe for a while. My progress thus far includes writing an overly-broad and useless outline, preparing a bibliography I mostly won't use (having revised my topic) and checking out exactly one book from the library, which I have not yet opened. My plan is to camp out in the campus library today and try as hard as I can to avoid an inevitable day spent in the NYPL research library on Saturday.
  • attend a mandatory book fair, which I have less than no interest in, and which was announced one week ago. Because this is the most frustrating (and pointless) class I've ever taken, I have to check in with some friends of my professor's and have proof that I went, and pick a book to present on Monday. Really, I had nothing better to do.
  • Create an exquisite corpse book, with such a vague explanation of an "exquisite corpse" that basically anything goes. Already I know I will be redoing this. Also, gather a bunch of supplies for Monday's in-class project, which is very involved and frustrating and I emphatically do not want to do, yet can't screw up.
  • Come up with a book to put into a library display case (wtf?) because really, I'm just SO proud of my work in this class. She sent an email specifying which books she'd like certain people to display (the good ones) and for others just wrote "your choice." Honestly, I wish she would just pick the ones that she wants and not bother the rest of us. Really, I wouldn't mind being excluded if it meant I wouldn't have to redo yet another assignment so I'm not completely embarrassed that I hate everything I've made all semester and will have to have it on display.
  • Grade at least 10 of the pile of undergraduate papers I received yesterday. Thankfully, I had the forethought to tell my professor that yes, it would severely disrupt my own work and life if I tried to get them all done this weekend, and because he's a genuinely nice guy, he took part of them to do himself. The rest I'll be doing over break (joy).
  • Come up with a painting to hang in an MFA show the Monday I get back from vacation. Avoid having a mental breakdown as I realize I have nothing of adequate quality or finish that I actually want to display in public.

Things I Have to Do Before Leaving for Virginia (Tuesday):

  • Get enough of that Northern Baroque website up so that people won't feel compelled to remind the professor I haven't updated it since the midterm... just in case anyone bothers looking at it anytime before oh, the week of the final exam.
  • Convince my doctor that no, there really isn't a need to see him after only 3 months and that really, he should just write me a year-long prescription without forcing me to come for another office visit that my insurance doesn't cover (not like they billed the proper insurance company for the last visit). Deal with Duane Reade and get said prescription filled.
  • Convince the fine folks at CUNY that they really want to let me take a French class next semester even though I'm sure their registration is already closed since there's no way I'm learning French by December 5th. Grovel with the department head to allow me to not take the exam (for which I would have to miss class) and take the class instead (even though I have no time for it and swore to myself that I wasn't adding any extra crap onto next semester)
  • Locate a dry cleaner who can remove year-old cat pee from my winter dress coat which has been residing in my car trunk since Christmas. Give up hopes that I will be able to wear it this trip, but maintain positive attitude that it isn't ruined and I don't have to wear a J. Crew pea coat indefinitely.
  • Do the massive ridiculous pile of laundry which currently occupies my entire bedroom floor. Attempt to find outfits suitable to wear around family and remind self that yellow pajamas are not an "outfit" and staying in bed until 6pm does not relinquish the need to wear clothing at some point.

Things I Have To Do As Soon As I Get Back:

  • the entirety of a bibliography project for my Methodology class
  • almost the entirety of a (completely useless and incredibly annoying) cataloging project for Methodology
  • cram for my final exam in Northern Baroque
  • grade undergraduate final exam in a timely manner
  • a massive final project for my bookmaking class, plus redoing a bunch of assignments from the rest of the semester... desperately attempt to salvage grade because God damn it, I'm NOT letting this class drag down my GPA, so help me...
  • somehow get a semester's worth of quality painting done, come to terms with having wasted all my time (AGAIN) and realistically be able to present something worthwhile for final critiques that has some resemblance to a thesis-in-progress
  • regular reading and assignments which I am, once again, behind on


Totally manageable, right?

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