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I wasn't going to bother saying anything about how much I love the Wii, but my addiction has set in hard and fast, and since my arms are already sore, I figured it couldn't hurt to take a break.

Last Wednesday, I had to go into Manhattan at 5am to take a train down to New Jersey. To my astonishment, Eric offered to come with me; apparently he had learned that the Nintendo store had more Wiis available and he intended to be there at opening to purchase one.

Over the course of my trip, I called a few times and he told me about how much he'd been playing, how awesome it was, etc. I figured sure, it's a video game, this is Eric, of course he loves it.

It wasn't until last night, after I'd handed in my big paper and gotten the rest of my work reasonably under control, that I played with the pretty character Eric had made for me and discovered the glories of the Wii.

Man, it's freaking awesome. Bowling is kick-ass and makes me wish I had those red lines when I play in real life. The batting practice is perhaps my favorite thing ever and the most surefire tension releaser after a long day. If I could make the victory music at the end of a boxing match play on command, I would be ecstatic on a constant basis.

Seriously, when I was printing my paper, I hummed it.

To conclude, get a Wii. It is wonderful. I love it more than I loved Soul Calibur, and that's really saying a lot.

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