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Be it ever so humble...

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I am in fact home, but I've been enjoying my sweetie, kitties, and apartment too much to sit down with the computer to write or edit photos. I have been attempting to catch up on RSS feeds and what's happened in the "world" (pop culture and the blogosphere) but it is not an easy task.

After living in an apartment and hotels with no stuff and no outlets to information, I'm feeling more than a bit overstimulated with all our belongings and connections to media. I mean... there are books! That I can read! Anyone who has woken up from a sound slumber to excitedly drop Jacques Barzun on her head a few minutes later could probably understand what I'm going through.

Last night I made chicken pot pie in a stuffing shell and an out of this world spiced pear cream tart with a graham cracker crust. In doing so, I think I used every single appliance and dish we own, and man, was I happy for it.

This afternoon we have to take the Smokeypants to the vet, as he has a weird bump on the back of his head. We keep teasing him that we have to pay $50 or $60 to the vet each time and all we get is a healthy Smokey, but I'm happy to do it again for the same results. Also, if anyone can tell me why a seemingly sane cat would prefer to poop in the shower instead of a brand-new, unused, immaculately fresh litter box, I'd really appreciate it.

Homeward bound

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OMG holy crap, guess who's coming home tomorrow!!!

More to the point, guess who gets to see her sweetie and her kitties! And use her normal toilet and appliances and speak in English!

That's right, at 1:40 pm, I get back to JFK and my ass (probably greatly enhanced with pasta) is headed for Brooklyn!

I am currently writing this through our TV. How this technology works is unfathomably cool to me, but evidently the tubes really do go everywhere now. I have ridiculous amounts of photos and stories to share upon my return.

I never in my life thought the prospect of being in America would be so appealing, but wow, I can't wait! See you tomorrow!!!!!

Almost wireless

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So I was all excited to check into my hotel, which boasted free wireless and air conditioning. I had visions of sitting around in my underpants uploading photos and downloading music, and well, you know.

It turns out that my hotel does not in fact have wireless, but that you have to go to another one nearby and pay 5 euros an hour to use theirs. Since I had important emails to send (no really) and ferry info to look up, I sucked it up and did so, but I'm kind of bitter. What with the wearing all my clothes at the moment and all.

It may be another 10 days or so until I am able to upload photos, for which I continue to apologize greatly. I'm not sure I've ever had so many photo-less entries in a row. However my mother arrives in Venice tomorrow morning, and after a few days here, we go to Florence and then Rome, which I expect will be amazing beyond belief.

My program was an absolutely awesome experience, and I am rather stunned by the amount of work I've done. I can honestly say that I am a completely different person than when I arrived here, and I have grown in unfathomable ways as an artist. I am itching to get back into my studio in NY and continue the momentum I've got in painting.

My materials & techniques project also went very well - it was on the chemistry and condition problems which are unique to glass in Venice, and it was a fascinating research process, even though half of my sources were in Italian and my Italian lessons only went so far as being able to describe the clothes I'm wearing and chatting with waiters at restaurants.

I will catch up on all kinds of stories and escapades when I have more leisure time to do so - it's crazy stressful to try to come up with the most salient points while watching a clock. I did see Peter Gabriel in concert, but he didn't play "Shock the Monkey," so right now he's dead to me.

Photos and stories an an entire new website to come upon my return.

Hope you all are continuing to have an awesome summer, and I think we're going to be having a party sometime when I get back in NYC (my flight home is on the 28th), so shoot me an email if you are so inclined.

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