I see those flashing pink lights in the distance...

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No, it's not the world's most Barbie-licious disco - it's the waaaambulance again.

I'm sick, and I blame undergrads. And possibly Eric, since everyone he knows got sick in the order of him visiting them, but he is not sick (carrier!).

I am the only person I know who responds to a colossal dose of Nighttime extra-drowsy formula Robitussin with insomnia. It makes my heart race, and I'm so aware it's like... I move like they do.

Maybe the next time I have an important exam or occasion for which I must be alert and amped up, I'll take Tylenol PM.

Seriously, got any complicated math problems you need solved? Philosophy riddles? Wanna kick my ass in Scrabulous? Last night I quizzed Eric on Buddhism until 4am.

Stupid body.

In conclusion:

Dear Snot,

You suck. Go home. Jerkface.



Guess how many tries it took me to type "blockquote" before it came out without a body part.

Returning for more feline therapy. Next time, I promise no whining.

Okay, just in case I'm lying and I can't, here is a half-hour video of 80s cartoon show openings.

Nostalgia, ahoy. Don't say I didn't warn you. How lame is the original Ghostbusters (starts around 3:46)?!?! Serious weak sauce. Compare with the "The Real" Ghostbusters right after - vastly better.

Oooh, a thunderstorm just started. Thank you, universe.

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