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This afternoon we came across a bizarre sight in the yard.

I thought it looked like a partially-deflated volleyball, Eric's mom thought it resembled a skull, and Eric thought it was a huge puffball mushroom that would explode if we touched it.

He attempted to detonate it by poking with a big rod, and it turned out to be solid, with soft rubbery flesh.

He cut it open and we examined the inside, comparing it with notes and photos from this page.

We determined it was a Langermannia gigantea or Giant Puffball, immature and therefore still edible.

It weighed about five pounds and measured around 10-12 inches in diameter. Eric compared half of it with his head.

Eric's mother cut it up and sauteed it with butter, olive oil, onion, salt, pepper, lemon juice and thyme. We later added a mix of dried wild mushrooms (including porcini, morels and so on), lots of cream, shallots, scallions, white pepper, some vegetable buillon, water, and more thyme, then blended the whole situation until it was a nice chowdery consistency.

Eric served it with a piece of whole wheat ciabatta bread, toasted with olive oil and parmesan. Insanely delicious dinner.

So far, we are all still alive and well.

My life as a nerd is complete

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Yesterday in organic chemistry, we got to play with stereometric molecular modeling sets.

Words cannot describe how happy this benzene ring made me.

Oh also, I made a kitty.

(I am a very serious scientist.)

In other news, a bit I wrote about natural dyeing on my knitting blog was featured in the September 2008 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education, and my photo was used to illustrate the story. I'm having trouble finding the article online, but if I can track down my paper copy among all these boxes, I'll try to scan it.

Je suis awesome

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Eric made a tag cloud of my blog's RSS feed last night, and I couldn't help noticing the prominence of the word "French". I think it's just about time we put that matter behind us.


I can register for thesis and finish my freaking degree already!

(I have lots of other stuff to talk about, and soon, but for now I must attend to the plethora of boxes demanding my attention.)

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