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A million years or so ago, I dated a guy who really loved to make people laugh. He said something genuinely adorable, and I smiled and laughed to myself. He saw it, pointed to my smile, and said "Is that mine? Did I do that?"

This afternoon I was walking by my mom's office and heard her singing along with Ryan Adams, and I felt all warm and glowy, like "That's mine. I did that."

There are few things more satisfying than infecting others with music obsessions.


(that was a segue)


The MVP in my life lately is a gigantic incubator. I've been working with rather delicate (and smelly) milk proteins which turn if you even look at them funny, refrigerated or otherwise, so it's been aggravating (and smelly). This incubator has been taking up a lot of space in the lab where I work for months, but the lab tech was saying she didn't think it worked and they were considering having it taken out.

Just before Christmas, I got fed up and decided to find out what was going on with the incubator. I got up on a step ladder and screwed around with all its knobs and dials, trying to find the magic combination that would get it started. Finally, I had a thought straight out of Mister Rogers: "It's electric, so you have to plug it in!"

I struggled to drag it out of its corner in a process that involved a lot of expletives and more than a few complete slips to the floor (I was wearing heels), then found that yes, our very expensive and purportedly "broken" incubator just needed to be plugged in.

This was bittersweet news, as it seems the only functioning outlet is in the middle of my lab bench. And the power cord is, no kidding, like four feet long. Shoved directly against the bench in the middle of the room, the cord barely reaches to stay safely plugged in, but barely is good enough for me, as it whirred immediately to life and started the reassuring hum of non-smelly, non-rotten samples which has pervaded my lab since.

So, meet my new lab mate. He's loud, he's huge, he's always in my way now, but at 2 degrees, he keeps my casein slushy and beautiful, without even a trace of rotten smelliness. Without his valiant efforts, I would be a much unhappier camper.

(That's wonderfully jiggly collagen on the right.)


I hurt my neck last night overdoing it with the pull buoy in swimming. Whenever I hurt my neck, I get awful tension headaches and blurred vision. Fortunately I live with a physical therapist and a licensed massage therapist, who have both provided their services and given me self-treatment exercises which are as effective as they are humiliating.

There is nothing like doing "the turtle" thirty or forty times to assure oneself that yes, you really are the biggest nerd that ever nerded and will forever be a nerd.

A nerd who is getting her vision and range of motion back though.


Lastly, my brother gave me these really awesome rain boots for my birthday in November. They're fully lined and insulated, they match one of my favorite hats and winter coats, and basically they are the bitchinest boots that ever, uhh, booted.

I've gotten a lot of use out of them given the weather lately (am I the only person who thinks freezing rain is the universe's way of saying "F you"?).

The thing is, even though I know they're completely waterproof and designed to be worn in the rain, I hate stepping in puddles or having to walk through water with them on. I get positively irate when they get muddy.

I think this is just the kind of person I am.

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