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Good free websites that combine consistency and patience for fitness programs:

Couch to 5k - a running program designed to ease you from sitting on the couch to running 5 kilometers or 30 minutes in 9 weeks; I may have taken a short-cut on this one, but I'm ever so slightly masochistic. It's a solid program.

One Hundred Push-Ups - a 6-week training program that builds you up to 100 consecutive, good-form push-ups, tailored to initial fitness and age. In an email to my brother and mother, I added "astonishing fitness and beauty follow as a natural consequence." I'm least happy with my upper body, so I'm starting this today.

Two Hundred Sit-Ups - from the same people as 100 Push-Ups, a 6-week program to do 200 consecutive sit-ups. I'm doing it at the same time as the push-ups - I'll let you know how that works out.

Swimplan - free personalized swim work-outs designed for your specific ability and fitness level. When you register, you input your strokes per length and speed to customize your plans. I've seen people at the pool with printed work-outs, and I always wonder if they're getting them from here or somewhere else.

RunTracker - on the Runner's World website, you can trace your runs out on a map, and if you input your time, it calculates your distance, pace, and approximate calories burned. Keeps a log of your runs (or walks, or bike-rides or what have you), and you can save your favorite routes. You can also find other people's routes in your area. They just released a thing that lets you hook it up to your GPS-enabled phone and track your runs live, but that creeps me out a little.

Who would have thought the internet could make you fitter?

(This list is a work in progress - I'll update as I find other resources.)

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