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A little before Christmas, I got my hair cut. This is what it looked like before:

See, I thought I hated my hair. I haven't had my hair cut in almost a year, and I let my lastReese Witherspoon style grow out completely. I was frustrated because it looked chewed-on at the ends, stringy, and didn't really have a style. I figured it couldn't possibly get worse, so I optimistically plunked down a lot of someone else's money and described the shape I wanted, with layers and side-swept bangs.

That didn't exactly work out. I look stupid with bangs, and there's a reason I haven't had them since I was six.

Most of the time, I wear my hair pulled back, with my bangs doing whatever they want to do, usually hang in my face and annoy me. Like so:

(Helloooo, Professor Drunk Eyes, nice to see you again.)

Yesterday, for all of five minutes, I got my hair looking almost the way it's supposed to, according to the stylist who declared it "much better."

I don't think it's really "much better," especially because as soon as I get out in public, it starts spiking and doing ridiculous things in my face. However, for just a few minutes, I had a hairstyle. I thought you should know.


There are several very similar photos on my Flickr.


You can even see my awkward-grimace uncomfortable smile, heh.

In conclusion, I'm really glad I like my hats, and I will probably be Reese Witherspooning it up again come spring.

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