Winter Sports

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I've been having some pretty awesome days lately (I'll talk about them soon), so when I say that Monday was the best day of this year so far, it's not a meaningless qualification.

Mike came down from Boston because the Navesink was finally frozen enough to go ice boating. This doesn't happen often, and you can read more about it in this article (which quotes Mike's father, not Mike).

I went to check it out, and it was so spectacularly cool. I didn't know anything about the process, so I asked six million asinine questions and was completely enthralled.

Mike's dad said ice boating is a lot of standing around waiting for wind, but Mike seemed particularly adept at finding it.

Easily the best part of my day was when Mike's father asked a friend to take me out - he let me steer while he stood on the runner giving directions and tending the sail. I was so excited to be out in the middle of the river driving an ice boat!!! It was surreal and wonderful and so thrilling!

It was so amazing to spend the day out on the water in the middle of January. The Navesink is incomparably beautiful, and I was beside myself to feel the breeze on my face and dance around on the ice.

In the afternoon when my mom was done with work for the day, we went iceskating on McCarter's Pond in Fair Haven, which I haven't done since I was a child.

The ice was not as glassy as the Navesink, and it got dark quickly, but we still got a really nice skate in.

My parents gave me seriously bitchin' ice skates a few years ago for Christmas, and this was the first time I got to use them. They are fantastic - the blades were sharp enough to do little twirly things and get some nice speed.

I really love ice skating!

In the evening, I changed from my ski trick thermals to a skirt and heels and met back up with Mike for a wonderful cozy dinner at my current favorite restaurant, La Pastaria. We shared our starter and two dishes, gemelli pesto and spaghetti carbonara, both of which were insanely delicious.

I was kicking myself for my total camnesia, but I'm unlikely to forget what a lovely evening it was. I found myself sipping wine, laughing and smiling, and thinking that without question, this was a really perfect day. I told Mike as such and couldn't resist quoting Lou Reed, "I'm glad I spent it with you."

(There are more photos in a Winter Sports set on Flickr.)

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