Bad Charlotte, or My First Woecake

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I usually make fun of contestants on Top Chef who complain that they are not pastry chefs and agonize over desserts. "Seriously," I say, "it's like impossible to mess up dessert!"

This weekend, I ate those words when I made a less-than-thrilling Apple Charlotte.

Don't get me wrong, it was perfectly tasty and my family nommed the hell out of it. It's just that for the amount of time and effort it took, I wanted it to be much more interesting and exciting.

As far as desserts go, the charlotte has a lot of promise. I'm not sure if it was an issue of the recipe or my execution, but I was underwhelmed with this particular iteration.

It started with toasting and buttering bread to line a dish. I tried to make it more special by generously sprinkling this bread with cinnamon sugar, which smelled great but didn't really come through in the flavor.

The filling was a bunch of Granny Smith apple slices, apple sauce, tapioca pearls, and cinnamon.

The whole situation was then topped with more cinnamon toast, which drove me crazy because I was so afraid it would burn while it baked. It didn't burn, but the cinnamon sugar mixed with butter didn't do that magic gooey thing it does in cinnamon rolls either.

It tasted about like you'd expect: pieces of toast with apples and apple sauce gooshed between. It didn't undergo any kind of spectacular transformation, the tapioca had a negligible impact, the apple sauce stayed the same consistency, and the vanilla yogurt didn't make it sing the way vanilla ice cream could have.

I resolved that, in future, if I am doing anything involving slicing apples, it will be a Dutch apple pie. That is a magical dessert.

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