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Whew. I am exhausted from all that awesome. Let's obsess about music.

I am currently in love with "Gila" by Beach House.


Play on repeat. Welcome to my brain.

The video seems like something some of my friends in college would have made, which makes me smile. I particularly love the line "Give a little more than you like."

This next video, for Oren Lavie's "Her Morning Elegance," I saw on Sassy's blog the other day and just loved. A few friends have sent it to me since then, which either makes my taste predictable or my friends awesome. Either way, it's great:


I actually downloaded this song after seeing it in a Chevy commercial last year (because that is how dorky I am), so it's been making me happy for a while.

The stop-motion style reminded me of a video that played on Italian MTV all the time the summer I lived in Venice, "Non รจ una favola" by L'aura, which I can't embed, but is totally worth watching. This song, I don't love as much, but I laugh all the time when I think of this crazy chick with her clothes and shoes chasing her around. Also I like the way she says "Boom!" at 1:36. Adorable.

Lastly, the Flaming Lips are streaming their song "Anything You Say Now I Believe You" from Know Your Mushrooms on their Myspace page. (via YANP) It's pretty excellent, and this song looks amazing in my brain. I <3 Wayne Coyne.

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