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Today is about as far away from yesterday as possible, in terms of suckage. Yesterday I worked until 10pm and got home after 1am. Yesterday I got shouted at and treated unpleasantly and was completely incapable of asserting myself or pointing out that I didn't like how things were going. Yesterday I was whiny and sad and feeling sorry for myself (perhaps you noticed?).

The good news is that I did come up victorious in my battle with terra cotta.

God bless you Mr Coffee, you freaking wonderful little machine.

This time I wore a particle mask and goggles because, perhaps I forgot to mention, I have had occasional terra cotta colored bloody noses since Tuesday. Probably not good.

I made research mosaics (and bloody hell do my fingers hurt), and I taught others how to make them correctly as well.

I had lunch with two great friends, one of whom brought delicious chocolate cupcakes.Cupcakes!!! I have awesome friends!

(Cupcakes not pictured because I was overwhelmed with excitement.)

I spoke with the registrar and confirmed that yes, all I really need to do to get my degrees is hand in two theses (documentation and statement for the painting degree, entire thesis for art history). The end is actually in sight... even if there are several gaping chasms and seemingly impossible leaps between here and there.

You know, jump and a net will appear, or you'll learn to fly.

In a little fit of spontaneity, I convinced my mother that we should go skiing tomorrow, which is thrilling beyond words. I haven't been skiing since college, and I have been desperately wanting to go for months now. The ski guy was able to adjust our bindings in a half hour flat, my mom got new pants, we both got new goggles, and my boots fit perfectly!

Can you tell I was a teenage girl when I picked my ski boots out? I still love these colors.

I also found evidence that I am not, in fact, the most poorly organized human being on the planet. The person who was parked next to me is:

In case you can't make it out, there is so much junk in this car that there is barely room for the driver and absolutely no space for passengers.

The weird thing is, it was a relatively new, well-maintained car, just stuffed to the gills with crap.

Also I found a pair of scissors in the parking lot, which is like, better than money.

And there was a wall of torsos that you apparently beat up for exercise. I could not stop laughing about these guys and the thought of pummeling a dude with no arms.

And lastly, I had a cannoli after lunch today and this is what I ate for dinner:

Baked penne with chicken, provolone, mushrooms, and sun-dried tomatoes, from the current Everyday Food. Incredibly delicious.

So, you know, things are alright. In fact, I'd say they've gone from Suck to Quite Wonderfully Fantastic in about 24 hours, and I'm really really happy about that!

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