Yay skiing!

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Today was spectacularly awesome.

My mom and I got up early, got bagels, and I drove us to Pennsylvania for a wonderful day of skiing Camelback mountain.

Driving through New Jersey, it was rainy and gross weather, which was making us worry. As we got further west, all that rain was fluffy, beautiful snow. It came down almost all day, constantly replenishing the trails with fresh, sugary soft powder that was just heavenly.

Neither of us have been skiing in years, so we were both nervous at first. As soon as I stepped into my binding and felt that satisfying click, I knew it was going to be an awesome day. Everything came back immediately, my muscles remembering how to move, my equipment functioning perfectly, the exhilarating rush flooding back as pure joy.

My mom and I had so much fun, and more than a few times I could barely ski because I was laughing so hard. It was a spectacular great time, and I'm so very happy we went!

Every muscle in my body is exhausted and sore, in the best way possible. I hit this Zen moment where my thighs and calves were burning so badly I could barely hold an edge, so I started moving from my waist and hips instead, and it was like flying. Everything on the mountain seemed slower and further away as I just understood how to move. It felt a little like dancing.

This whole day was just perfect. I freaking love skiing!!!

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