Sad Mac

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So like, this is me now:

That's from an episode of Sex and the City, where Carrie's laptop gives up the ghost and she sees a Sad Mac. She takes her computer to Tekserve in Manhattan, wrapped in a pashmina, and she's just the very picture of helplessness. I'm like that, except a little worse because I'm crying so much about it, and I knew damn well how to back up my stuff but didn't do it while I still could because I was soooo convinced I could fix it myself.

I used to live with a computer genius type person who seemed able to fix everything. I think to an extent, this allowed me to fool myself that perhaps I too knew anything at all about computers and should be able to handle whatever problems might arise. Or that my ignorance didn't really matter because when it got beyond me, I'd be able to hand it over to someone who knew what to do.

My mother suggested calling someone, like a professional computer genius type person, and I don't even know where you find those. I was positively ecstatic when, on the third try, I got the BIOS thing to go at startup and I was able to run the hard drive diagnostics program. As I'm anxiously waiting for it to finish, I'm sitting here crying, remembering the good times my computer and I shared. In my head, it's a ridiculous montage of carrying it in my purse in Venice, which I think is as close as you can get to waltzing on the Zattere with a piece of electronics. I'm recalling all the places I've taken it, all the great things it did, and I'm like... preemptively mourning what I fear is its imminent demise.

I just want my kitty photos (and research data and thesis drafts and oh God a manuscript I traveled to Italy for...). GAH.

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