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While "technical difficulties" is very much a theme of the past few days, I mean specifically with this blog, which has recently been hacked so badly that now it triggers security warnings any time you try to click anywhere within it (perhaps you've noticed).

I'm struggling to figure out how to fix things around here, and I appreciate your patience while I do so. 

I installed Movable Type, which I think I will come to prefer over Wordpress, but man, it's like starting all over with a new blog. I have to figure out how to import the last four years' worth of entries and, the most loathsome task of all, edit pages of cryptic code. Would, of course, appreciate any help or advice in this endeavor.

Otherwise, I hope to bring you a shiny, functional, vastly less malware-riddled Vickilicious.com soon!
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Going down a water slide

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We have so, so many things to talk about, like so much you're going to be sick of me and my thoughts and photos and life events before I even finish posting them, and I will get to them really soon, or at least as soon as I make some time, which I promise I seriously will try to do soon(ish).

But I made this video of going down a water slide in Iceland, and it's so full of glee and swooshing and water-sliding that, well, you really should just forgive my ongoing reticence and watch it:



Wheeeeee, right??


See you soon.

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