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I recently read this post on the always entertaining Not Martha, and I thought it would be amusing to see what my browser alphabet looks like. I have no idea how Chrome decides which sites to pop up first, but like Megan, I agree that this isn't necessarily the most accurate reflection of where I spend my internet time because it doesn't include the sites I read daily in Google Reader. Oh well.

A - Amazon - I shop for and occasionally buy a ridiculous amount of books.

B - Bowery Presents - excellent NYC area concerts

C - CNN - I'm surprised C did not stand for "cupcake" or "cookie."

D - Dictionary.com - I've considered making this my homepage before, for how frequently I look words up.

E - Wikipedia - Ditto.

F - Flickr - I remain steadfastly devoted to what I think is a lovely photo hosting site, probably the best.

G - Gmail - I am still stunned when I meet people who don't use Gmail.

H - Hulu - I reckon this is a necessity for anyone without a television.

I - isoHunt - Bittorrent without the viruses, a pretty likable site.

J - José González - a phenomenal singer-songwriter, about whom you may expect to hear much more from me this summer

K - Vickilicious Knits - my knitting blog. But since I don't like this result, we're going to go with the second site that popped up, The Knitting Factory - a terrific concert venue and bar in Brooklyn.

L - Last.fm - which I also call the Audiostalker. I've long felt that musical compatibility is one of the true paths to lifelong love and friendship (it's also why I meant to look into Tastebuds, the only dating site I think I'd ever consider).

M - Google Maps - I think I look up an address or directions every day, often many times a day. If I didn't have Google Maps on my phone, I think I'd still be helplessly wandering the Lower East Side.

N - New York Cares - a spectacular volunteering organization that I seriously adore.

O - PBS - I guess I didn't have an O site? (Let me show the internet my lack of O-face).

P - The Pirate Bay - Now why can't PBS come up under P? Why's it gotta be a malware-infested bittorrent site that makes me look like an angsty teenager? Ehn, whatevs, I can't pretend I haven't gotten about seven hundred albums from here.

Q - I got nothin'. It shows a recommended Google search for "quotes."

R - Ravelry - the internet's loveliest knit and crochet community (and oh so much more).

S - Sigma-Aldrich - a chemical manufacturing site, from whom I download thousands of MSDSs for everything we use in lab. It's a much more advisable way of finding solubility information or melting points than say, Wikipedia (not that I would ever do that, ahem).

T - Twitter - I am a certifiable Twitter addict. Go ahead, follow me - @vickiboardman!

U - United Teletech - my credit union, which is actually amazing.

V - Vickilicious - This site! But because you're already here, allow me to suggest the #2 for Vs - my art site.

W - The Weather Channel - I check the weather compulsively, and I think about it way more than could possibly be healthy. Nina Garcia wrote, "Stylish women must always consider the weather." It goes so much deeper than that though.

X - the control panel for my website, the link to which I will not be posting.

Y - YouTube - Cat videos and 90s rock. Is there anything better? I think this 1997 Radiohead concert is still my favorite thing on there, but you can check my profile for the rest.

Z - Zappos - Yep. Let's get some shoes...

Now I find I want to read other people's lists to determine if I am, in fact, the most boring internet user of all time. If you've got a spare few minutes, I encourage you to make a list and send me a link, for I am both voyeuristic and easily amused.

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